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Maureen "Mo" Goldman, CNP, BCB-PMD
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Live! and Laugh

March 3, 2016

VanyaSoniaMashaSpike_LogoDid you know that your health care provider is a natural comic?! For those who attended this hilarious play, “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike”, we hope you received a big dose of laughter (the best medicine!) from all the actors, including Deb’s crazy “Cassandra” role. Deb thanks all of you who came to the show (or didn’t) and your support. Let us not forget, we can always grow and take risks (this was a return to theatre after a 25 year respite!). Learning lines again and brain freeze – oy!!

Try to make the time to do what you love or at least set the goal for when you do have the time.

4 shows left! Call DAC 259-2606 or go on line for tickets, link below.

Durango Arts Center